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"Summer Ride" by The Unbelievable Two
"Summer Ride" by The Unbelievable Two

Is it Jazz-Funk ? Is it Boogie ? Or is it even Disco? With The Unbelievable Two you are in there everywhere. With their hearts in the late Seventies and early Eighties these two well crafted musicians know how to work a solid groove.

„We were thinking, what would have happened if Roy Ayers met Stevie Wonder in a studio with Nile Rodgers and listened to a Steely Dan album?“ Of course there is a smile on Mzuzu’s and Mucka’s face when they tell this story, but The Unbelievable Two masterminds, composers, producers, arrangers and musicians from Hamburg/Germany have been on the scene long enough to think a step further. „In the end, it’s all about the funk and the soul. And the funk and the soul is about the feeling you got in that moment., when you are playing live! That’s why each song is a fresh composition and directly recorded in just one day. We were really after the small variations and moods, you develop while playing a song to shine through the arrangements.” - The Unbelievable Two

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