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Traktor Releases DJ 1.5 for iPad and iPhone, Freddie Joachim Shows His Setup
Traktor Releases DJ 1.5 for iPad and iPhone, Freddie Joachim Shows His Setup

The art of the DJ is becoming more hands-on, thanks to the technology of Traktor software which has now been updated with new functionality for the iPad & iPhone. Watch as NI demonstrates the power of version 1.5 which features new ability for slicing and triggering.

Improvise like never before with the SuperSlicer add-on – available for purchase in-app*. Slice up your tracks and deconstruct loops using Scratch, Brake, Reverse, Slice or even Pitch-Shift effects. SuperSlicer introduces a whole new way to remix.

For playing DJs sets and gaining inspiration for making music, producer Freddie Joachim shows his method for triggering sounds, adding effects and blending music on-the-fly with Traktor. His set-up consists of Traktor software which is controlled by the cue-points and effects of a Behringer DC1 unit, an audio 10 Native Instrument Traktor Box, a Serato Box, sounds from Ableton, two Technics and a standard 2-channel Vestax mixer. Using a creative combination of cue-point and triggered effect usage, Freddie is able to perform sets, entertain and be more creative as a DJ/producer with the extra edge of Behringer's and Traktor's sound manipulation resources at hand.

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