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"Here Today" by Andre Espeut's Quintet
"Here Today" by Andre Espeut's Quintet

Singer Andre Espeut and Venezuelan producers Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel are feeling fine and living their life as their appreciation for life is expressed in the jazzy and joyful Brazilian groove of "Here Today". Andre Espeut’s and his Quintet return to light up your life with their follow up their debut release ‘Let It Go / Rising” released in 2013.

"Very nice song" - Danny Krivit

"Those guys struck gold with this tune!!!" - Craig Charles - The Funk & Soul Show - BBC6

Vocals & Co Production - Andre Espeut
Drums - Raphael Delphino
Bass - Matheus Nova
Keys - Milt Mavrakakis
Percussion – Juan Laya
Trumpet - Eikel Venegas Hernandez
Production – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel

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