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!llmind Releases "!lluminati" + 60 Song Bundle & Samples On Blap Kit Gold Box
!llmind Releases "!lluminati" + 60 Song Bundle & Samples On Blap Kit Gold Box

!llimnd Blap Kit Gold Box Bundle

!llmind works to keep our hard drives flooded with good music in 2014, flipping unique arrangements of his Blap sound design into futuristic Hip Hop instrumental form. "!lluminati" and Blap Kit Gold show off !ll's approach to production as an extensive collection of music which features both finished songs and individual sounds driven by an unmistakable character and style. Nod your head to the dark sounds of !lluminati" and learn more about Blap Kit Gold below.

"The Blap-Kit Gold Box Bundle" contains:
Every single Blap-Kit, since the beginning of time. In one bundle.
Retail Value: $800.00 USD // Cost Today: $124.99 USD // (Over $650 in savings)
8.48 GB (Compressed to 4.5 GB) (3,489 items)
*This product is a digital download only*

- Unreleased drum samples & instrument riffs (pianos, horns, strings, etc)
- Miscellaneous sound effects that !llmind uses (sweeps, bleeps & more)
- 2000 - 2010 "Decade Batch": 1 Unreleased !llmind beat from each year (10 total) + WAV STEMS for each beat
- Over 60 !llmind produced songs, released & unreleased, over the past 10 years (mp3 format)
- Screen shots + detailed list of VSTs + plug-ins that !llmind uses
- The critically-acclaimed !llmind #BoomTrap Instrumental EP (mp3 format)

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