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Stream The 1990-'95 Demos Of EMINEM & His Former Crew Soul Intent
Stream The 1990-'95 Demos Of EMINEM & His Former Crew Soul Intent

Coming from the tongue-twisting and fast-paced rhyming style of the early 90's, Soul Intent come with funky loops, creative storytelling and comedic personas driven by sharp mic skills. With an entertaining package of humor and desire to rip people apart on the mic, this Detroit crew show great potential and would eventually birth one of Hip Hop's most talented wordsmiths as demonstrated in the 2014 Shady CXVPHER below.

Visit Bassmint's Soundcloud for more demos!

About Basmint:

"Bassmint Productions, later known as Soul Intent, was an American record label and hip hop group formed by Detroit brothers Jeff & Mark Bass. As Bassmint Productions didn't have enough money for studio time, they started their own label that only lasted from 1988 to 1995. Bassmint Productions consisted of rappers Eminem (M&M), Proof, Chaos Kid, Mannix and DJ Buttafingas, and the group released several demo tapes, including Steppin' onto the Scene, Still in the Bassmint and Soul Intent. On the 5th of October 2011 rapper Chaos Kid was found dead after committing suicide in the early hours of the morning, it was reported that he had struggled with mental illness for many years before his eventual suicide."

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