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Stream SONOR Reissues Of 70's Italian Soundtracks by Giuseppe De Luca, Carlos Pes & I MARC 4
Stream SONOR Reissues Of 70's Italian Soundtracks by Giuseppe De Luca, Carlos Pes & I MARC 4

Let the cinematic moods of composers Giuseppe De Luca, Carlos Pes & I MARC 4 take you for a ride on 3 reissues by Italian label SONAR. With soundtracks rich in mood and imagination ranging from dark and ominous, jazz and mellow to groovy Funk, each album offers a look into the moving sound which many European composers during the 1970s remain admired for. Enjoy the streams and hear what the label has to say about each project below:

Peppino De Luca / I MARC 4

Originally released on 'cult' Pegaso promotional label, "THE MAN WITH ICY EYES" soundtrack was pressed on very few copies like all Pegaso editions 'out of commerce', becoming a truly sought-after gem among Record Collectors of the genre. Trombonist and arranger Giuseppe De Luca, who died shortly after, wrote this magnificent score in 1971, ripping off the main theme from "Lady In Cement" by Hugo Montenegro from the same year. The high music in here is played by the MARC 4 (Maurizio Majorana on bass, Carlo Pes on guitar, Antonello Vannucchi organ) feat. Giuseppe De Luca at trumpet and Vincenzo Restuccia at drums. Magnificent vocals by the best scatting queen Edda Dell'Orso and chorus by I Cantori Moderni Di Alessandroni. KILLER!


Crazy RARE in demand soundtrack LP originally released on the highly sought-after promotional label "PEGASO" Edizioni Musicali. Music by Maestro Carlo Pes here, the "C" guitarist from the infamous quartet I MARC 4 which also probably plays on this session. The amazing Jazz-Funk track "Tough Guy" is the main theme of the record and it's delivered in 3 different versions. Crazy tunes like the tensed dramatic "Morte di un Hippie", the great Lounge track "Relaxing in New Mexico" with nice Hammond improvisations, guitar and flute, and "Murder On The Set", fantastic cinematic Score; Bossa-Jazz on "Joinin' the Swimming Pool" with some nice piano among the others. Top record, not to be missed!

I MARC 4 - G.L.P. 1004

We're glad to announce the reissue of this gem by the Library 'cult' group I MARC 4. ORIGINALLY RELEASED Oct 1970 on NELSON RECORDS label, cat#. GLP 1004, Italy. Ed. "Scogliera". Probably the toughest and most Psychedelic Nelson volume by the Marc 4. Killer blend of Downtempo Funk, atmospherics, and Lounge Bossa/Cocktail. Contains fantastic tracks as "Distorsion-Mind" and "The Trip", heavy Psych with screaming organ, and "Compression", mellow laid back acoustic guitar with the fat raw Drums Break plus other rare and raw tracks with sounds samples and loops. Great sessions!

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