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!llmind Wraps 2014 With Blap Kit 6, Productions & Roseville Music Group
!llmind Wraps 2014 With Blap Kit 6, Productions & Roseville Music Group

In 2014 !llmind shows a new level of musical ambition and the ability to move you with various moods and rhythms with the debut of his Roseville Music Group. As an independent progressive force of music who shows boundless creativity and an ear for the future, !llmind lends his production and A&R hand to collaborate with an exciting crop of artists who provide everything from Dance, Hip Hop, Pop and Electronic styles.

"Almost 6 full months of intense sound design & attention to detail were put into creating this exciting new volume. I know what it's like to become instantly inspired by NEW and un-heard-of drum sounds, so that's exactly what I've provided. Utilizing a series of advanced frequency manipulation from REAL drum sets (snares, kicks, hi-hats & various percussion), using state of the art vintage reverb machines (such as the AMS RMX16, L480 & a Baldwin Amp) stacked, layered & molded into one of the most innovative drum sets i've ever put together in my life. Interestingly enough, most instruments of today are tuned to our "standard" 440hz frequency. After much research, I've discovered that, in fact, tuning instruments to 432hz (instead of 440) yields a more "harmonious" frequency with the energies around us. Because of this, I've tuned every instrument to 432hz. This is by far my most advanced kit, to date. An absolute must-have for every producer's drum collection!" - !llmind

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