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"Prayers EP" by Ross McHenry
"Prayers EP" by Ross McHenry

By JR on 5:00 AM

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Ross McHenry is an architect of emotion as he explores the art of expressing somber and reflective mood in Jazz music with recordings made in the process of creating his acclaimed album "Distant Oceans". Drawing inspiration from meditative states of life in compositions which combined soothing harmonies with a rush of rhythm, "Prayers EP" is an exciting exploration of the mind and soul.

This is a limited release and will be available from Dec 1 until Dec 25 only.

Drums – Jarrad Payne
Bass – Ross McHenry
Guitar – Dylan Marshall
Rhodes – Brenton Foster
Flute, Alto Flute & Saxophones – Tom Pulford
Bass Clarinet – Jon Hunt
Tenor Saxophone – Derek Pascoe
Trombone – Luca Spiler
Percussion – Joel Prime

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