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Video: Common Performs Live at North Sea Jazz Festival In '05 For "Be"
Video: Common Performs Live at North Sea Jazz Festival In '05 For "Be"

By JR on 8:46 AM

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"This is a fantastic live show by Chicago emcee Common at the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2005. This is prior to his (IMO) Classic album "BE" being released. DJ Dummy on the wheels of steel. Very nice intimate show, and highlights include an American woman being brought up on stage to participate in "Come Close". Setlist Below." - Gary Anderson

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Common - North Sea Jazz Festival (2005) *BE* Tour

1. Be
2. Real People
3. Common Talks/Introduces the Band & DJ
4. Nag Champa
5. The Invocation
6. Go
7. Faithful
8. Common Talks: Bogus women that do men wrong
9. Testify
10. Common talks to Talib & Mos Def on the phone
11. Respiration/Get em High (Just his verses)
12. Thelonious
13. Funky For You
14. Common invites woman onstage to dance to slow jams.
15. Come Close
16. Freestyling over Electric Relaxation
17. Common Talks: Love
18. Love Is...
19. Common Talks To The Audience
20. They Say
21. I Used To Love H.E.R.
22. Common does a medley of hip hop tracks
23. Common Talks: Foundations of Hip Hop & the DJ
24. DJ Dummy Scratches over "It Takes Two"
25. Common shouts out his band/freestyles a bit
26. The Light

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