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AM & Shawn Lee Spin Moog Funk & Library For "The Secret Process Mixtape"
AM & Shawn Lee Spin Moog Funk & Library For "The Secret Process Mixtape"

By JR on 4:52 AM

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"The first of a series of mix tapes we debuted over at the Vinyl District recently. The Secret Process Mixtape is a mix of American Moog funk, Eastern Euro Sound Library and synth bliss.

I got a lesson book and CD from Carol Kaye at one of her bass seminars in LA and when I popped this thing in it was whack! All these excerpts (from cassette?) of her teaching and talking…needles to say I had to intro with it and follow with a much slept on LP from Hugo Montenegro. It’s a Stevie Wonder Moog cover album. Montenegro did a few of these and they are all brilliant. I picked it up for $2.00!

The mix continues with music both Shawn Lee and I have a mutual obsession with…library music. We picked from a bunch of different stuff from British to German and even American library. The final track, “Secret Process,” is from an Omnimusic record which was an American library company. Super hard to find LPs as most of the stuff on this mix is.”" - AM

Download for free at

Visit The Vinyl District for more info and tracklisting

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