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"Born Dead" by J-Merk & B.B.Z Darney
"Born Dead" by J-Merk & B.B.Z Darney

By JR on 10:09 AM

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In a 40+ minute journey into the mind, heart and soul, MC/producer duo J-Merk & B.B.Z Darney seek purpose within their grim view of society to define their vision of the modern "living zombie" on "Born Dead". Using Hip Hop as their medium of expression and morbidity as their metaphor, J and B rhyme for those caught up in the everyday struggle and looked down upon by societies "standards of living". "Born Dead" explores notions of a corrupt system set in place to oppress it's people, and rob them of their livelihood as these beats and rhymes envision a modern world of people walking around without a purpose.

Aggressive skills driven by a determined purpose pierce the eardrum as J-Merk & B.B.Z Darney stand up and fight for what they believe within their dark perceived "reality" of life and death, thereby creating a unique sound, skill display and thought-provoking movement of Hip Hop on "Born Dead".

all beats, mixing/song arrangement and album art by: BBZ Darney
guest artist on this album include: Kid Fade (of PsychWard) & Dreamtek of (7oddz) on the song "pearly gates", and uMaNg on the song: "verbal vendetta"...all other songs are written, performed and recorded by: J-Merk from July-Oct of 2014 all cuts performed on this album are courtesy of: DJPhilogic.

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