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"Dreadful With Avengence" Mixtape by Dready Kruger
"Dreadful With Avengence" Mixtape by Dready Kruger

By JR on 4:14 AM

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Painting the ghetto black and murderin' mic handling in 2015, hear the reality, hunger and pain of an MC who's out for a vengeance while using the mic as his weapon. DREADFUL WITH AVENGENCE is a lyrical journey through redemption, death, and reflection woven and narrated by the next most prolific story teller of our time, (Jon Dog) Dready Kruger. In the stories tradition of Queens New York's visionaries and emcees, Dready paints vivid images in this graphic audio novel that invoke thought and emotion on levels that are beyond any and everyone's daily comfort zone. Laced with international and domestic production, incredible lyrical contributions, and in-depth subject matter, DREADFUL WITH AVENGENCE has all the makings of a modern day classic.

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