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R&B Singer/Songwriter Kenya Shows Her Love & Joy On "Let Me"
R&B Singer/Songwriter Kenya Shows Her Love & Joy On "Let Me"

"Emerging American soul artist Kenya is arriving on the music scene worldwide with her new album My Own Skin, a collection of eclectic, soulful songs that is sure to make audiences take significant notice. As a vocalist and songwriter, Kenya delivers smooth vocals with a jazz influence that creates contemporary grooves while telling stories of love, self-empowerment and the joys and challenges of relationships. Her first single released, “Be Here” featuring the soulful duo Kloud 9, peaked at #28 on the USA R&B Billboards and #2 on the UK Soul Chart. Her second release, “Wednesday Girl” is receiving riveting reviews for its clever lyrics about limited love while provided a stirring groove with moments of jazz and soul intertwined. It too peaked at #2 on the UK Soul Chart. Kenya even takes on legendary Michael Jackson’s single “I Can’t Help It” produced by Othello Glen and David Stoller, a.k.a “SugaBoom” adding a contemporary and favorable spin on a classic.

Other noteworthy singles on the album include the title track “My Own Skin” which is a testimony to Kenya’s personal journey and “Brown Soul” which takes a deeper and more spiritual look into the plight and tragedy of violence amongst African American males. Top notch producers Kendall Duffie (Kloud 9), Khari Cabral Simmons (Jiva), Darren “Daz I Kue” Benjamin (Bugz in the Attic), Mark de-Clive Lowe, and Grammy award winner Maurice Joshua further punctuate this remarkable debut LP. Kenya is the executive producer and the primary songwriter on the album. If you’re looking for new soul music that will take your heart, mind and spirit on a melodic journey, My Own Skin will suit you perfectly. Learn more about Kenya and her music at and follow @kenyamjmusic on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook." - Expansion Records

"My Own Skin" by Kenya tracklisting:

1. My Own Skin
2. Be Here
3. Wednesday Girl
4. Take Me Away
5. Let Me
6. I Can’t Help It (SugaBoom Remix)
7. Makeusmile
8. Mirror
9. Sleepless
10. Brown Soul
11. Never Giving Up
12. My Heart
13. Wednesday Girl (Daz I Kue Remix)
14. Be Here (MdCL Remix)

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