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Songwriting Greats The Waters Sing For The Holidays On "Time to Begin Again"
Songwriting Greats The Waters Sing For The Holidays On "Time to Begin Again"

By JR on 4:14 AM

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This powerful ballad by songwriting family The Waters celebrates the holidays but represents more towards inspiring the listener's optimism and belief in the power of love everyday. "Time To Begin Again" places you in the special time of Christmas The Waters style as the group challenge the art of holiday music in 2014 using the approach of a traditional Soul ballad paired with the emotional power of Gospel.

Let the combined talent of these brothers and sisters evoke the joy and happiness within as they create a special moment in time inspired by our fondest memories of life on the love-filled "Time To Begin Again".

If you’ve ever listened to vinyl records or CD’s, watched television or gone to the movies you have heard one or more of the voices that comprise “The Waters” – Luther, Maxine, Julia, and Oren – a family group raised in Los Angeles, grew up in a rich musical environment orchestrated by their mother Lorena who was quite a vocalist in her own right. Their voices have been heard on more recordings than anyone in the music industry, contributing to hundreds of gold and platinum records.

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