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"Viens, mon amour" (Come My Love) 1970 Soundtrack by Paul Baillargeon
"Viens, mon amour" (Come My Love) 1970 Soundtrack by Paul Baillargeon

Simon Psyquébélique presents a slice of rare Quebec soundtrack music which delivers high drama in an exciting fusion of psychedelic Funk, Rock, Pop and mod-Jazz on the "Viens, mon amour" soundtrack.

""Come, my love" is definitely one of the jewels of musical history in Quebec. Unfortunately this soundtrack is completely fallen into oblivion. This disc is perhaps best known by music lovers abroad by those of Quebec.

The film, released in 1970, is part of the Quebec erotic cinema movement that some critics have called "the Quebec undress." English Canadians had nicknamed them "Maple Syrup Porn" or Québexploitation. I'm talking about movies like "Two women in gold," "Valerie", "7 times a day ... there's nothing there," "The tail apples and seeds," "There's no more hole Percé "etc. The soundtracks of the films were the source of the best music of the time. "

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