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Da Shogunz Present "Da BlabberMouf LP: BackWitDaBoomAndBlabberastikRhymes"
Da Shogunz Present "Da BlabberMouf LP: BackWitDaBoomAndBlabberastikRhymes"

By JR on 7:02 AM

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Fillin' up rhyme books to the very last page and bringing back the essence of Hip Hop's Golden Age, Da Shogunz keep it all the way live with the skillful and entertaining approach of "Da BlabberMouf LP: BackWitDaBoomAndBlabberastikRhymes". Going above and beyond the average modern artist who stands by the early 90's as their inspiration for making music, Da Shogunz do enough work on the mic and turntables to make you imagine the energy and enthusiasm with which each song was recorded.

"Da BlabberMouf LP" is here to reacquaint the listener with the thrill of competition within Hip Hop like witnessing fighters in a karate dojo. Enjoy as the Shogunz attack each track with a degree of skill and authenticity which is worthy of competing with the classics.

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