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Download: Waves H-Reverb Hybrid Reverb Plug-In, Intro by Yoad Nemo
Download: Waves H-Reverb Hybrid Reverb Plug-In, Intro by Yoad Nemo

By JR on 4:28 PM

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The sound of your reverb will achieve new life with the use of Waves' latest audio plug-in innovation. Designed with the foundation of cutting-edge Finite Impulse Response reverberation technology, the H-Reverb by Waves enhances the tail of your reverb with a richness and depth to allow excellent cohesion within your mix.

The beauty of the H-Reverb lies in the innovative FIR engine with advanced analog modeling and drive control which serves as the foundation of it's powerful sound shaping capability. This new technology allows you to control, shape and customize your reverb with precision to achieve gates, reverses and tails in a way which results in a cleaner mix. With the H, experience the high-end effects of signal behavior plus input drive in a plug-in which is widely affordable and accessible.

To achieve the reverb effect of your choice within the click of your mouse for specific applications, choose from a built-in library of presets created by acclaimed mixing engineers and designed after vintage reverbs.

The H-Reverb creates a useful tool in reverb processing by merging classic approach with cutting-edge concepts and functionality in sound engineering. With this plug-in at hand, enjoy a new level of sonic quality and creative control in your music.

Producer/engineer Yoad Nevo (Sia, Pet Shop Boys, Air, Jem) takes a close look at the sonic possibilities opened up by Waves H-Reverb, a pioneering reverb plugin designed to give you unlimited control of your reverb sounds.

H-Reverb Hybrid Reverb:

0:00 – Basic Setup – Shaping your Reverb Tail
2:36 – EQ
3:46 – Early Reflections
12:33 – Finite Impulse Response (FIR)
13:03 – Damping and Resonant Filters
15:26 – Modulation
21:59 – Output Echoes
25:17 – Global Section
28:04 – Testing the Reverb Tail
30:18 – Presets

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