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In Hip Hop, The "Earth Rocks Harder" With The Sound Of Philadelphia Slick
In Hip Hop, The "Earth Rocks Harder" With The Sound Of Philadelphia Slick

By JR on 1:15 PM

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"Since their formation in 2005, Philadelphia Slick has built a rep for continuing the local tradition of mixing live band energy with hip hop.  Much like Philadelphia’s The Roots, Slick is fronted by an MC – Ben “Noesis” Polinsky – but the seven-piece band that backs him (along with producer El Smooth) is as important as the rapper himself.

The group recently released its long-awaited album Earth Rocks Harder and it’s a solid listen full of creative production and lyrical insight.  Very Beastie Boys in style and delivery, Philadelphia Slick crafts a sound that can be at times raw, utilizing record scratches and boom-bap beats, but at other times so poppy and electric that it broadens their style of hip-hop all together.  Joining the label BadTape Music wasn’t a bad call for the collective either, as the influence of the label that worked with underground MCs like Jedi Mind Tricks shows.

The 14-track album goes through a roller coaster of vibes and topics that in the end provide for a very balanced and universal listen.  Noteable tracks are “Not At All” and “Project Total Yang”; they’re completely different in sound but still appeal to the same true-to-form subject matter that we’re used to hearing from Philadelphia Slick." - The Key Philadelphia

Written, Produced, and Arranged by Philadelphia Slick except "State of Your Plate" - written and produced by Ismael Quintero.

Vocals - Noesis
Piano + Keyboards - Elliot Garland, Michael Polinsky, Noesis
Bass - Michael Polinsky, Elliot Garland
Drums - Elliot Garland
Guitar - Elliot Garland, Ismael Quintero
Saxophone - Matthew Schwartz, Noesis
Trumpet - Adam Hershberger
Cuts and Scratches - Ismael Quintero

Mixed by Matthew Weiss
Mastered by Chris Athens
Recorded at Badtape Music Studio B, Kawari Sound, and Milkboy The Studio. Drum recording by Zach Goldstein & Matthew Weiss. The Skyline: Session Producer - Matthew Weiss; Vocal Recording: Karl Petersen; Additional Recording - John "JBrix" DiGiacomo and Zach Goldstein.

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