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Edible Beatz - "Children Of The Corn" (Featuring Prince Po)
Edible Beatz - "Children Of The Corn" (Featuring Prince Po)

By JR on 5:53 AM

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DJ-P Trickz and Prince Po are out to crush the competition with an aggressive drum-heavy track from the forthcoming Edible Beatz project 'Record Machine'. The skills and execution are reminiscent of The Golden Era but both MC and producer ensure they lend ear-opening progression to show their unique contribution. With 20+ years of rhyming, Prince Po shows he's sharper than ever lyrically over outstanding drum programming by DJ-P Trickz who makes his sampled kick and snare sound closer to a real drummer than the average producer.

Edible Beatz proudly presents:

Children Of The Corn featuring Prince Po

From the forthcoming Edible Beatz project 'Record Machine', which will be released on Art of Rec.

"'Record Machine' is a vinyl project started by Patrick Egberts aka DJ P-Trikz for Edible Beatz. This project features Prince Po, Rasco, Grand Killa Con, Gee-Dubs and some instrumental beats to chill to, or mix and scratch over for the dedicated vinyl DJ's. All kinds of dusty vinyl samples have been used for this release, from Jazz & Soul to rare Dutch 60's Psychedelic records."


Edible Side:
Track 1. Roadblocks (featuring Rasco)
Track 2. Children Of The Corn (featuring Prince Po)
Track 3. Demolition Man featuring (Grand Killa Con)
Track 4. Sucker Free - Reasons (featuring Gee Dubs)
Track 5. You Ain’t Fresh

Beatz Side:
Track 6. Roadblocks Instrumental
Track 7. Children Of The Corn Instrumental
Track 8. Children Of The Corn (Practical Poetry Remix)
Track 9. Volcanoes Erupting
Track 10. Edible Style
Track 11. Beat Fans

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