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Skull Snaps Break Innovator Dooley-O Releases His Mixes via Mixcloud
Skull Snaps Break Innovator Dooley-O Releases His Mixes via Mixcloud

By JR on 4:23 AM

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Legendary Connecticut rapper-producer-DJ Dooley-O is widely recognized in DJ circles as the first in hip-hop to sample obscure 70's band Skull Snaps' It's A New Day.
After recording an unreleased album for the label Tavdash (one time home to R Kelly), Dooley presented the public access series Graffiti TV video/DvD 9 volumes and became a mentor figure to funk-curator Egon who would later head prestigious indie Stones Throw. While the label would later release Dooley's single Watch My Moves and Solid would issue a album of back catalogue material under the same name, it wasn't until 2005 that Dooley's first album of new music would finally find a home. Released on Lewis to rapturous acclaim for it's expertly wild gritty production and everyman lyrical perspective, I Gotcha proved age hadn't dimmed Dooley's musical gifts.

Enjoy a trip through the musical mind of an influential crate digger in a collection of Dooley-O's mixes over at his Mixcloud which are an exploration through Funk, Soul, Electronic and more. Above, he mixes the raw Funk he's known for using in his Hip Hop classics and below smooth sounds of Neo-Soul.

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