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Jersey Spitter Miilkbone Presents "Da MiilkTape" (Mixed By DJ Tray)
Jersey Spitter Miilkbone Presents "Da MiilkTape" (Mixed By DJ Tray)

By JR on 3:02 PM

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On "Da Miilktape", Miilkbone aims to give you more and still will keep it real in Hip Hop 20 years after dropping his classic piano-laced debut single. Listen to the sound of an MC who returns with the purpose of having fun and showing skills as an experienced vet who realizes the street essence being one of the most important aspects of his journey so far.

Track list:

01 - Rhyme No More
02 - My Money feat. J-Ness & Flame Spitta (Prod. by Marz Muzik)
03 - Highway Coolin (Prod. by Sheldon "So" Goode)
04 - Wack
05 - Time Is Now feat. Royal & Sarai (Prod. by Brack Frost)
06 - Notes To God (Prod. by Philthy Pro)
07 - Test The O.G. (Prod. by Enrichment)
08 - Project Zero feat. E-Class
09 - Take It Back feat. Sarai
10 - Don't Call Me feat. Tha Genius
11 . The Executives feat Realz, Papi Storz & Flame Spitta (Prod. by Bo Track Shack)
12 - Backyard Boogaloo feat. Skrewtape & DJ TMB (Prod. by Cimer Amor)
13 - They Gonna Love Me
14 - Pain Killa (Prod. by Father Focus Confucius)

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