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Beats by Tone Jonez: "100 Percent Barz 5" and "Jesus Wept 3"
Beats by Tone Jonez: "100 Percent Barz 5" and "Jesus Wept 3"

By JR on 8:12 AM

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The multi-dimensional musical vision which Tone Jonez brings to Hip Hop results in beats which are neck-snapping and emotionally-driven as he explores uncharted territory of our imagination with the kick and the snare.

On "100 Percent Barz", Tone keeps it raw with a heavy dose of drums and horn/bass stabs accented by chants and percussion for a funky instrumental designed to empower the MC. "Jesus Wept 3" showcases Tone's storytelling abilities as an arranger and instrumentalist who is driven by the power of Hip Hop. Building the tension with a subtle piano melody and guitar stab which unfolds into a dramatic chorus, Tone Jonez orchestrates with the boom-bap to evoke the feeling of a hero in the midst of turmoil.

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