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DJ Premier Announces Album & Film Homage To D&D Studios "Last Session At 320"
DJ Premier Announces Album & Film Homage To D&D Studios "Last Session At 320"

Using one of the most famous studios known to Hip Hop as inspiration, DJ Premier prepares a star-studded project in dedication to the legendary D&D recording studios. From his years of work in churning out classics, Preemo is one of the foremost names which comes to mind when mentioning this studio and with him at the lead of this forthcoming groundbreaking album/studio documentary project it should be one for Hip Hop to remember.

Having crafted classics with Jay-Z, Nas, Gangstarr, Group home and many more at the 320 location, DJ Premier is a producer who's music made on D&D's boards continues to show vast influence and demonstrate the power of Hip Hop across the world.

In an September 2015 interview from France, listen as Preemo explains these upcoming projects as well as a few others wile reflecting upon his great career in music. After the interview, hear a catalog of Hip Hop to break down your neck cartilage as you nod your head to the most creative tributes yet to this legend of beats in an hour-long megamix of DJ Premier productions cut up by DJ Crates.

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