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From The D To L.A., #RIPJDilla: "Dillafornia 6" by Pianist Daniel Crawford
From The D To L.A., #RIPJDilla: "Dillafornia 6" by Pianist Daniel Crawford

It's that time of year again as Daniel Crawford crafts another brilliant tribute to Jay Dee. Hailing from L.A., pianist/producer Daniel carries on Dilla's legacy through a unique and exciting approach to fusion which draws inspiration from Jay's distinct thump and overall musical sensibility. Feel the ability to touch the sky like no other listening experience as Daniel aims to uplift you with his heavenly arrangement of chords and bounce of rhythm on "Dillafornia 6". This merging of Jazz-Soul fusion and beats results in a futuristic and soulful sound in tribute to a producer who's influence continues to open doors of imagination in creating music.

#RIPJDilla artwork by Ruben De La Toure

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