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Johnny Hammond - "Shifting Gears" Vinyl Reissue With Bonus Tracks
Johnny Hammond - "Shifting Gears" Vinyl Reissue With Bonus Tracks

BGP Records does the honors in releasing an expanded vinyl edition of "Shifting Gears", a 70's Jazz Fusion gem by pianist Johnny Hammond. Known for it's exciting dose of Funk and carefree vibe driven by the legendary production touch of The Mizell Brothers, "Gears" is cool as a breeze yet electrifying as an outdoor summer block party in one listen. This album remains one of the best of Hammond's works and continues to inspire listeners to find a pleasant escape years after it's initial release.

Check out the 6 bonus tracks added to "Shifting Gears in the player below along with other great reissues from the BGP catalog and order your copy on vinyl here at Juno.

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