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@illmindPRODUCER Releases Kanye Beat Video Tutorial & "B.L.A.P. 001" Mix
@illmindPRODUCER Releases Kanye Beat Video Tutorial & "B.L.A.P. 001" Mix

By JR on 3:11 PM

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The always generous !llmind comes through with a double dose of Blap for the fall of 2015 in a screen share which shows to you the viewer of how he crafted one of his most elaborate and dramatic compositions yet, the beat for "He's Against Me" intended for Kanye West and a mix of exclusives in B.L.A.P. 001.

"B.L.A.P. 001 (which stands for Beats Love And Party) is a mix of unreleased/exclusive beats from some of my music producer friends. With the amount of music that's released on a daily basis, you have to also imagine how much unreleased music exists on hard drives, especially music producers. I've reached out to some of them, asking to send some of their unreleased music to me. With this music (and some of my own) I've created a mix series called B.L.A.P. A refreshing collection of beats and songs you never heard yet, but probably should." - @illmind


Esta - Attack
Dirtyphonics - Since You've Been Gone (Infuze Remix)
Gravez - Youth
!llmind - Cat In The Hat
Medasin - Got That
Major Lazer - Lean On (Daktyl Dusk Remix)
Carmack - Hit That
I.V. - Yesterday
Wast Wain - E.R.
Prezident Jeff - White Gold On The BBS'
!llmind - Danger Zone
Lenn Beats - Rumble
CLBRTY & (DC) - Lin Kuei
The Dividends f/ Raekwon - Fools Gold
Lunice - Tha Doorz
Kuiters - Go Go Go
Nick Pacoli - What It Feel Like
Bigg Kid - Gone
ENTRSTELLAR - Technologic
Teklun - Sometimes (Alldatjazz)
Khrysis - FunkBounceBomb
Emanon (Aloe Black & Exile) - Let It Begin
Marco Polo - Free Team Stabby
Focus - Zenvo Music
Heatmakerz f/ Fred The Godson & Mally Stakz - Word To B.I.G.
Konrad Old Money - Mom's Twerk Anthem
Mister Mcclenney - Untitled

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