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Black Pearl Records Presents "Nepoznate Boje Spektra" by Croatian Funk Band SPEKTAR
Black Pearl Records Presents "Nepoznate Boje Spektra" by Croatian Funk Band SPEKTAR

By JR on 1:33 PM

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"The most "spektarcular" discovery of Croatian Jazz Funk recordings from the private archiv of Bass player and producer Davor Rocco, researched by Višeslav Laboš !!
An amazing collaboration of the high class Beat and Funk musicians of Zagreb´s progressive music-scene from the early 1970s. The members Enco Lesić, Davor Rocco, Dragan Brčić and Neven Frangeš were also performing with Ex-Yugoslavian Jazz and Funk legends like Boško Petrović, Gabi Novak, Drago Mlinarec, Josipa Lisac and Grupa Idexi.

Spektar Combo released unfortunately just one, mostly vocalised album on Slovenian label Suzy Records in 1974. But , " was difficult to imagine what Spektar sounded like, before their self-titled album was released", as the legendary critic of Croatian Jazz-Rock scene Dražen Vrdoljak was articulated.

Black Pearl is very proud to have finally the answer, how these hidden golden instrumental treasures were sounding like. That shows us the much more brilliant colours of the Croatian Jazzfunk Sprektre !!
This album includes 6 tracks of the fabulous Spektar project, two Beat Jazz Grinder shortlived Roccos pre-Spektar outfit Grupa Hej and one more track from Rocco-Supermarket." - Black Pearl Records

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