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Monumental ITALIAN LIBRARY Funky and Jazz-Funk KILLING BREAKS!
Monumental ITALIAN LIBRARY Funky and Jazz-Funk KILLING BREAKS!

Another Killer masterpiece from the vaults of Italian Library offered for sale by Italian seller Sonor Music Editions owner Mr. Lorenzo Fabrizi.

Remigio Ducros incredible legendary session, this is the killer "LA PALLA E' ROTONDA" VRL 604 - 200gr. vinyl version so much sought-after by crate diggers and sample hunters for the incredible Breaks contained. Originally composed for some obscure Italian TV soccer programme, this album reaches the rank of most-wanted Italian Library LPs also for his rarity. Monster Breakbeat groovers many of them featured on compilations; dark Avant-garde/Experimental sounds, Jazz-Funk killing rhythms, Tribal/Exotic super-infectious percussions and grooves, almost certain the presence of Daniela Casa on Synthesizer/effects. Surely among the top 5 records of the genre together with legendary ACCADE A, TEMPO DI NAJA, LO SPORT, AMERICA AMORE AMARO and AMERICA GIOVANE volumes.

"SGAMBETTO" is the most famous shot on here with mental drum-bass rhythm providing the best Breaks from Italy. A TOTALLY KILLER LP, this is not to be missed!

Italian Jazz Library by master pianist Roberto Pregadio played by studio session men. "ROBERTO PREGADIO ALLE TASTIERE" features superb Modal Jazz sounds with some dope Jazz-Funk Breaks, Swing and Lounge Piano-bar nightclub Jazz. Renomated album among Jazz collectors since years. Side A opener "WILD GIRL" is just dope Jazz-Funky with great B-boy Breaks, Loungy & groovy, potentially a fantastic Hip Hop sample.

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