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Estee Nack & Relentless Merge Hip Hop & Religion On "Black & White Jesus"
Estee Nack & Relentless Merge Hip Hop & Religion On "Black & White Jesus"

By JR on 7:34 AM

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" The biblical story of Jesus Christ is one of the greatest, and most well known stories in written on this project we're not determined to rhetorize or justify whether or not the words of the bible are the actual absolute truth(word of god), or whether or not Jesus the Christ was an ACTUAL person. We ain't doin none of that, Fact is, we really don't care...

Upon digesting this record, most will come to find that A. We're not Christians, We're just having a GREAT time with music, words and random concepts....and B. when dealing with written or spoken words of men, things may not be so "Black and White", thus, Me and Relentless assembled this list of songs, rife with biblical references and thematic production(handled mainly by Relentless) and put a song out each day on soundcloud over a course of 7 days(Christmas Day thru New Year's Day)...This EP is those songs compiled in order of release, where we exhibit the different ways we freak our styles and use concepts to our advantage in order to reflect OUR particular picture and perspective..." - Estee Nack and Relentless

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