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Introducing The cratesofjr Record Pool: My Favorite Crate Diggers Added Monthly
Introducing The cratesofjr Record Pool: My Favorite Crate Diggers Added Monthly

By JR on 7:05 AM

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After years of tracking down the best crate diggers I could find online and in the real world, I decided to compile my total vinyl experience into one place to share with others. The cratesofjr Record Pool features up-to-date vinyl auctions from music enthusiasts worldwide, from DJs and producers looking for the perfect loop to independent record stores.

It's hard work keeping up with all the great music on vinyl out there but I hope to maintain a system which streamlines great finds on eBay and provides a nice filter designed for those who dig the musical taste here at cratesofjr.

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You can also click and subscribe to the RSS feed link for each of my favorite diggers below which links to their eBay store. Stay tuned each month for a post which highlights a new discovery of crate diggers which will be added to the cratesofjr Record Pool subscription.

Beatnick Dee producer and crate digger 

bigcityrecordsnyc formerly Sound Library NY 

Bruceforsight aka the Ebay wing of Chopped Herring Records, a vinyl only Hip Hop label specialising in DOPE F ISH!!! 

academyrecords Brooklyn's largest independent record store 

tmelonrodney aka producer Stu Bangas 

goodrecordsnyc a used record shop in downtown Manhattan, New York City 

theclash1989 Owner of SONOR Music Editions. Italian Music Libraries and Soundtracks vinyl addicted. 

ingenio604 Panamanian music from a Polish digger 

tropical_fantasy rare 80's Boogie dealer 

golden_flamingo rare 80's Hip Hop 

drewhuge rare Golden Era Hip Hop from The UK 

slice-of-spice rare Golden Era Hip Hop 

piscop0 a Dj, private record dealer and passionate collector of Italian library, soundtracks and b-movies, Italian funk music, italo disco, modal jazz, psychedelic jazz, weird grooves and exotica 

misterowl1963 R&B, Funk and Soul dealer from The UK 

carolinasoul rare Soul 45s from a store in North Carolina 

blackfiles1999 rare Brazilian groove, Latin Jazz, Bossa, Latin Funk 

turkishvinyl Turkish Funk & Rock dealer

waawwaawrecords Brazilian music from Bossa, Jazz, Funk to Blues 

superiorelevation Brooklyn Record Store 

papa-funk Japanese Funk, Soul, Jazz, Soundtrack breaks from the 70's, Japanese pressings of American LPs 

ockut1 Canadian Funk dealer 

wattsjazz Jazz & Soul 

funkymusak UK DJ and dealer of 80's Soul and Boogie

recordmaster123 aka Jayla Records 

sugarsoundz Australian dealer of Jazz, Funk, Soul

pourquoi-moi Italian dealer of rare Euro Library

melbournewax Selling Australian, US and European; including Italian and French soundtracks and Libraries

jazzaggression record label and dealer of Finnish Jazz


andrewwilkins Rock, Prog, Library 

recordsunlimited Turkish, Arabic

cuordivinile Itailan groove

discos_alma various flavors of Latin music

paperstax rare Gospel LPs and 45s

proghungary Hungarian Prog Rock dealer

kidinquisitive Soul 45s

craigmoerer Craig Moerer Records By Mail, Assorted 45 

4052pauld Soul 45s

docfish German dealer of Soul 45s

allpromos Golden Era Hip Hop on tape and vinyl, rare promo versions 

djmcboingboing a mixed variety of genres and breaks

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