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Video: Rob Swift Presents Rahzel The Godfather Of Noise Live At Queens Comfort
Video: Rob Swift Presents Rahzel The Godfather Of Noise Live At Queens Comfort

By JR on 1:42 PM

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"Rob Swift presents "‎the fun bRunch" featuring The Godfather of Noise Rahzel at Queens Comfort part 1...

Chances are when you hear the name Rahzel you think of The Roots from Philly. But when I think of Rahzel I think of the borough of Queens. Word, Rahzel is a native son of a section in Queens called Hollis. That's Hollis as in Run DMC from HOLLIS, QUEENS.

And so that's why the launch for my new bi-weekly party the fun bRunch at Queens Comfort filled me with so much anticipation leading up to this past Sunday. the fun bRunch is more than just a Sunday brunch party. I see it as an opportunity to expose what Queens means to Hip Hop, and believe me, it don't get any more Hip Hop than Rahzel.

The first time I heard of Rahzel was on the song "Dawn", released in 1987. Produced by Paul C McKasty, mentor to The Large Professor and producer of groups such as Eric B. & Rakim, Ultra Magnetic, Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud..., "Dawn" was written by Michael Deering aka Mikey D, another Queens legend from Laurelton and winner of the 1988 New Music Seminar MC Battle for World Supremacy. But unlike Paul C's more popular work, the beat on this particular track wasn't made on an SP1200. It was the Godfather of Noise himself, Rahzel, puttin' it down straight from his vocal chords yo.

Mind you, I'm talkin' 'bout a time when "Beat Boxing" was as common on Hip Hop songs as scratching was. You had originators of the art like Doug E Fresh, Buff aka "The Human Beat Box", The Human Lindrum Biz Markie D and DMX, all showcasing their different styles. You could literally close your eyes and still distinguish who was who.
The thing that stood out about Rahzel for me was the bass and overall clarity he projected on to the mic. It was as if he had an equalizer surgically implanted into his vocal chords. Since then, I seen Rah evolve into more than a guy who can do a beat with his mouth.

This video serves and example of what I mean. " - DJ Rob Swift

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