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Mario Molino KILLER ITALIAN LIBRARY OST Psychedelic Beats - For Sale!
Mario Molino KILLER ITALIAN LIBRARY OST Psychedelic Beats - For Sale!

Offered for sale are 2 Italian gems by the cult maestro and arranger MARIO MOLINO spinning at the Psychedelic guitars. Two legendary jams featuring the best Fuzzy grooves for DJs.


A KILLER 45 shot by the cult Library and Soundtracks guitarist Mario Molino. Cult and Rare Library single famed among collectors and Beat finders for his killing track "OPERAZIONE BEAT" featured in several compilations and also sampled. Oustanding Psychedelic Garage Acid Beat in perfect '60s Garage-Punk style with Molino's Fuzz guitar groove, Fender bassline and dancefloor drumming set performed by his studio group 'I BEATS'. Great for DJs and reminiscent of his Soundtrack masterpiece GLI ANGELI DEL 2.000. On the other side "I SOGNI DEL MARE" is cool Panoramic Lounge Vintage sound. Listen!

Original Soundtrack

Guitarist Mario Molino's finest work and Italian Soundtracks cult. Easily one of the top Italian Scores and best Molino recording can buy. Trippy Psychedelic Lounge session featuring the enchanting vocals of Edda Dell'Orso and '2+2' Nora Orlandi's chorus; composed and arranged by the maestro with his studio orchestra. Some beatiful grooves with typical lysergic Psychedelic sounds of the late '60s for this dramatic movie only locally distributed at the time. Trippy erotic sounds from the counter culture Underground era score to the drugs drama object of the film. From Fuzzy Freakbeat to watery weird keyboards effects to groovy Funky dancebeats; outstanding '60s Lounge Pop themes with Scat vocals, Soul Jazz cues, Bossa and LSD cinematic atmospheres. A very complete OST, listen!

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