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Stretch Armstrong, Bobbito & Lord Sear Reflect on KCR With #SRShow
Stretch Armstrong, Bobbito & Lord Sear Reflect on KCR With #SRShow

Enjoy a mix of comedy, history and cool facts as the one and only trio of Stretch, Bob & Lord Sear reunite in 2016 to share their memories of The Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito show with two great fans of the show, Sam & Cathy. While on their promo tour for "Radio That Changed Lives" the movie, the three Hip Hop radio legends seem more appreciative then ever about their legacy as they recall golden moments of Hip Hop from an underground radio show which grew to influence media, society and music worldwide.

1994 tape courtesy of Dirty Waters

"Stretch mixes some old and new joints on here, and does some interesting blends. Featured guests include Kazo from Zhigge along with Fruitkwan from Stesasonic. Tape 2 has Timbo King & Spark 950, who later became Royal Fam. Late in the show, Bobbito pulls out 4 demos for a 'demo battle.' The tape runs out before the callers vote on a winner, but there's damn near the full 4 hour show on this one. Peace to the philaflav heads for taking the time to make out the track list. "

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