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DJ Djaz Mixes Hardcore East Coast Hip Hop on "CLANDESTINITY" by JUNIOR MAKHNO
DJ Djaz Mixes Hardcore East Coast Hip Hop on "CLANDESTINITY" by JUNIOR MAKHNO

Compilation mixed and scratched by Dj Djaz
All tracks produced by Junior Makhno
Mastering reloaded by Miloud Sassi for db Master Pro

Photography & graphic design by GustavImages

Executive produced by Loscar
released July 1, 2016

Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz "Eye is the King" (cuts by DJ Eclipse)
from the Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz album "Heavy Metal Kings"

Ill Bill "Acceptance Speech" (cuts by A-Trak)
from the Ill Bill album "Grimy Awards"

Genocide feat. Vinnie Paz "Conspiracy of Silence"
from the Genocide album "Classified Intelligence"

Spit Gemz "Al Swearengemz"
from the Spit Gemz album "godly Features"

Jedi Mind Tricks feat. Blacastan "F**k Ya Life" (cuts by DJ Kwestion)
from the Jedi Mind Tricks album "Violence Begets Violence"

CF "Terminate on Site"
from the CF album "The Road"

Heddshotts "Search & Destroy" (cuts by DJ Slipwax)
Heddshotts "Walk on the moon"
from the Heddshotts album "Circus Of The Freaks"

Diabolic "Alien Manuscript"
Diabolic "Piss and Vinegar"
from the Diabolic album "Fightin Words"

Ill Bill feat. Goretex "Omar Suarez"
from the Ill Bill album "Septagram"

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