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Grand Wiz Talks Queensbridge Hip Hop Life + Stories Behind "Illmatic"
Grand Wiz Talks Queensbridge Hip Hop Life + Stories Behind "Illmatic"

From experiencing the makings of Hip Hop during it's inception in the 70's, running the streets of QB as a hustler to contributing as a songwriter to classics with his friend NaS, Michael Epps p.k.a Grand Wiz has quite a story to tell. Listen as one-half of The Bravehearts crew brings you into his world in an authentic look into coming from a childhood of poverty to accomplishing greatness in a life of music. The writer of classic hooks such as "The World Is Yours", "One Time For Your Mind" and more brings the streets to your home.

Let the music take your mind as violinist Marika Fellegi lends a beautiful touch of string performance to emphasize the sober and hypnotic mood of NaS & Damain Marley's "Patience" instrumental. In an arrangement of music that seems to project the feeling of a heavy heart, this talented musician makes the song cry that much more with her heartfelt arrangement of violin.

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