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Mobb Deep - "Survival Of The Fittest" (Our Turf Remix featuring Rakim)
Mobb Deep - "Survival Of The Fittest" (Our Turf Remix featuring Rakim)

By JR on 5:15 PM

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Ain't nuthin' changed but the weather as Hav & P hit the stage with their Mobb-like tactics to celebrate 20 years of their classic 3rd LP, live at B.B. King on February 17, 2017. Get your tickets here at Ticketliquidator while they last and be one of the lucky ones to absorb this historic event in the flesh.

Below, producer Gasoline switches up the vibe on a remix of Mobb's "Survival Of The Fittest". In sharp contrast to the uplifting mood of the original, this version is dark and dangerous like The Bridge. The R makes a special appearance on "Our Turf" to end off the song on a strong political note.

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