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Afro-Cuban Fusion Movement (U)nity Release "Guarapachanga" Remix Single
Afro-Cuban Fusion Movement (U)nity Release "Guarapachanga" Remix Single

By JR on 5:49 PM

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"We wanted to make a fresh new sound . fusing my new york / cuban background, with axel's afro cuban background along with all the other sounds we loved listening to like hip hop, rnb, soul, blues, eletronica, weird beat music, rock, jazz, soul, & funk. we wanted to do something with cuban music that's never been done before. as micheal, chris and max came in to the mix things began to change and open up.

Each member is is a musical puzzle piece, they each bring their sound, and life experiences to the table. we have a unlikely unorthodox collaboration, we've broken the rules of what a typical band is supposed be. in fact we stop being a "band" a really long time ago. (u)nity is a movement. a collation of like minded artists. we pay homage to the past. we respect and know the history. but we're not held back by it."- Amaury Acosta

Enjoy the progressive fusion of (U)nity as they pay tribute to a musical style known as "guarapachangeo" - the most advanced form of Cuban rumba, heavily improvisational and based on very complex rhythms and melodies.

This remix single featuring production by A Nicholson Miquifaye and Bae Bro is now available here at Juno Records. The New York-based (U)nity is made up of Michael Valeanu, Axel Tosca Laugart, Chris Smith, Max Cudworth and Amaury Acosta. They formed the band in 2006 as a project to explore Afro-Cuban jazz, funk, soul and contemporary electronica.

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