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Singer Leee John of Imagination Returns With "Retropeia" & Podcast
Singer Leee John of Imagination Returns With "Retropeia" & Podcast

By JR on 2:51 PM

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From rocking the world with the the electro-Funk thump of their 1982 classic "Just An Illusion" to delivering a polished new fusion of R&B, Pop, Reggae, Latin and more,  "Retropia" shows the return of Leee John's smoothness of vocals and vivid view of human emotion as a songwriter. Find your private solitude in the sound of music as this group create a utopia for you to run away to a fantasy, with Leee's signature voice at the lead of a genre-bending 2017 effort with his group Imagination which is filled with pleasure and joy.

When Leee is not in the studio, he's going through numerous classics in the crates which are full of Soul. Listen to the groovy taste of a renowned vocalist as Leee John spins a selection of new R&B plus classic Funk, Soul and Disco gems and more on his podcast.

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