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Vinyl Factory Visits The World's Largest Latin Music Collection, Salutes Marcos Valle
Vinyl Factory Visits The World's Largest Latin Music Collection, Salutes Marcos Valle

By JR on 9:15 AM

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"Meet Alejandra Fierro Eleta, the woman behind this stunning archive of Caribbean and Latin American records.

“I made my music like Robinson Crusoe made his hut… According to my own needs.” Alejandra Fierro Eleta is the founder of Gladys Palmera, a peerless archive of Latin American music and radio broadcast station based in Madrid.

Considered one of the greatest collectors of music from the region in the world, her archive now includes over 50,000 recordings on LP, 78rpm, 7″ and CD, with an expanding collection of music films and DVDS. While the collection now also spans music from beyond the region, Elata’s true passion is for the vocal and dance music of the Caribbean, particularly from female artists or “Latin divas” whose romantic and nostalgic sentimentality strike a chord with Elata.

To give you an introduction to her collection, we’ve created an abridged and subtitled edit of this 15-minute film, revealing the motivations behind the collection and just why she believes the music has such power to resonate." - Vinyl Factory

Vinyl Factory's 2017 Marcos Valle mix:

01. Marcus Valle – Bicicleta (1984)
02. Marcus Valle – Nem Paleto Nem Gravata (1973)
03. Marcus Valle – Dia D (1983)
04. Marcus Valle – Ta Tudo Bem (1986)
05. Marcus Valle – Freio Aerodinamico (1970)
06. Marcus Valle – Os Ossos Do Barao (1973)
07. Marcus Valle – Tiu-Ba-La-Quieba (1973)
08. Marcus Valle – Malena (1972)
09. Marcus Valle – Revolucao Organica (1972)
10. Marcus Valle – Voo Cego (1972)
11. Marcus Valle – O Cafona (1971)
12. Marcus Valle – Agua de Coco (2003)
13. Marcus Valle – Bahia Blue (1997)
14. Marcus Valle – Garra (1971)
15. Marcus Valle – Vinte e Seis Anos de Vida Normal (1971)
16. Marcus Valle – Estrelar (1983)
17. Marcus Valle – Esphera (2010)
18. Marcus Valle – Demoacustico (1972)
19. Marcus Valle – Bar Ingles (1997)
20. Marcus Valle – Abandonou (1997)

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