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NaS - "I Gave You Power" (Audio Commentary by The RZA & Allah Mathematics)
NaS - "I Gave You Power" (Audio Commentary by The RZA & Allah Mathematics)

From two Wu Tang generals to a street's disciple from Queensbridge, ghetto minds think alike in this commentary which gives praise to a Hip Hop storytelling masterpiece. "I Gave You Power" by NaS vividly personifies the criminal-minded vision and adrenaline of street life driven by illegal gun play across inner city America. From beginning to end, you can practically smell the gun smoke and visualize ammunition load as one of QB's greatest lyricists takes you on a trip of danger. DJ Premier provides the soundtrack, demonstrating his greatness as the supplier of Hip Hop's most dangerous piano arrangements.

21 years after it's release, this lyrical tour de force by NaS still goes blaow and receives admiration by The RZA & Allah Mathematics. Known for their own masterful ability to depict the streets in song, RZA and Math share a commentary of "I Gave You Power". Enjoy the thrill of this song as if it was brand new as they recite the lyrics while illustrating their meaning for radio host Stephen Kallao.

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