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eLZhi Spits Flames To Music by Trumpeter Nabaté Isles On "Laid Back"
eLZhi Spits Flames To Music by Trumpeter Nabaté Isles On "Laid Back"

The sound of Hip Hop finds new light and shines bright with the fusion of rhymes and jazzy Soul assembled by mic slayer eLZhi and trumpeter Nabaté Isles. With JRDN on chorus vocals, "Laid Back" is a brash display as musicians gives a new groove to the flow of an MC. Sit back and enjoy as this ensemble proceed to blow your wig back with a combo of groovy rhythm, soulful elements and slick lyrics.

Nabaté Isles and luminary musicians discuss the process and experiences behind recording Nabaté's debut solo album. Musical sample underscore the mini-documentary. It stars (in order of how they appear):

Nabaté Isles, Trumpeter/Composer/Producer

Sam Barsh, Lead Producer/Keyboardist

Jaleel Shaw, Alto Saxophonist

Brad Jones, Bassist and Mentor

David Gilmore, Guitarist

Stacy Dillard, Soprano and Tenor Saxophonist

Adam Klipple, Keyboardist

Ku-umba Frank Lacy, Trombonist

Ben Williams, Bassist

Nate Smith, Drummer

Lauren Sevian, Baritone Saxophonist

Johnathan Blake, Drummer

Christian McBride, Bassist

Jimmy Owens, Trumpeter and 'Musical Father'

-Also, appearing on the album:

Elzhi, MC

Alita Moses, Vocalist

Michael Mayo, Vocalist

Elena Pinderhughes, Flutist

Allakoi Peete, Percussionist

Kaveh Rastegar, Bassist

JRDN, Vocalist

Amy Bateman, Violinist

Frederika Krier, Violinist

Beth Meyers, Violist

Eric Stephenson, Cellist

Entela Barci, Violinist

Shot by: Malik Parker and Akeem Jordan

Edited by: Malik Parker and Nabaté Isles

Settings: The Bunker Studio and The New School

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