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Soulful Fusion Band Pocket Dragon Make Waves On Their "Tide" EP
Soulful Fusion Band Pocket Dragon Make Waves On Their "Tide" EP

By JR on 3:27 PM

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"POCKET DRAGON is a 5 piece gangster funk band from London. Bridging neo-soul with fusion funk; they play that groove shit that your weird friend talks about. Since graduating from music college, the DIY group have been creating jazz with a new-age vibe in their home studio, PD HQ. Their second EP ‘Borderless’ is out now!"

Callum Green - Drums
Mikayl Dawood - Guitar
Philip van den Brandeler - Bass
Emma Barney - Vocals (tracks 1,3,5)
Tomasz Bura - Keys (tracks 1, 3, 5, 6)
Drew Wynen - Guitar (track 2)

All songs were recorded at The Broom Cupboard in Southend-on-Sea and at PD HQ.
All songs written mixed by Pocket Dragon
Mastered by Kelly Hibbert from almachrome
Artwork by Charlie Campbell

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