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Rare 1980 Funk & Soul LP by Afrodisia, Reissued by Cordial Recordings
Rare 1980 Funk & Soul LP by Afrodisia, Reissued by Cordial Recordings

By JR on 7:08 AM

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"The second album release on Cordial Recordings is a re-release of Afrodisia's highly collectible album 'Elephant Sunrise' from 1980 on Comma. the album is limited i pressing to 500 units. Afrodisia were combination of US soldiers with local musicians from Worms, Germany that were formed in 1978 and recorded two albums during their years together with 'Elephant Sunrise' being the only one that was actually released.

Cordial Recordings will be issuing the previously unreleased album in 2019. 'Elephant Sunrise' has become a revered album by collectors because of the high quality of songs featured on the album which cross from soul to funk to disco and jazz with great ease. The band's leader Darnell Summers is originally from Detroit and is the brother of Headhunter Bill Summers who also features on the album as a player and songwriter. 'Sugar Free' is highly regarded by aficionados on the soul scene for it's glowing summer sounds and is one of the two songs that Bill co-wrote on the album. This is one album not to be missed."

Get your copy of "Elephant Sunrise" here at Juno Records. The original sells for as much as $300 on Discogs, but thanks to Cordial, you can grab the reissue.

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