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Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 49: Clyde Stubblefield Drum Break Multi-Tracks & More
Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 49: Clyde Stubblefield Drum Break Multi-Tracks & More

By JR on 12:59 PM

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One of the funkiest drummers on earth leads the way in the latest installment of Around The Web In Breakbeats. Clyde Stubblefield lends years of experience on percussion to us in his official drum kits presented by Yurt Rock. In addition, I've compiled 22 tunes by a collective of modern musicians who get raw and carry on Funk tradition. 

Vol. 49 of ATWIBB is another great journey of sound, from the carefree Soul of singer Myles Sanko and the dreamy vibe of The Soul Surfers to the frantic Funk of Orgone. With diversity, fusion and outstanding breakbeat moments, 49 demonstrates the undying impact of the drum.

Clyde Stubblefield's The Funky Drummer packs now allow you to study and incorporate the world's most sampled drummer in your music. Yurt Rock is taking the lead in the sample library industry by working with greats, and Clyde is definitely one of them. These packs recorded at Butch Vig's Smart Studios in '01 feature a generous amount of audio from Clyde's performances. Inside, you'll receive individual drum hits and seven tracks of audio per loop. As a result, Yurt Rock provides a resource to gain the best mix once you include these drums in your music.

Clyde Stubblefield Funky Drummer

Grab your instant download of The Funky Drummer here at Yurt Rock and discover the wealth which this sound library has to offer. If your an Ableton or Logic Pro user, this pack includes pre-mixed and arranged sessions that are compatible with each DAW. Enjoy Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 49 below.

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