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Video: Elzhi Of Slum Village Interview 1-30-10
Video: Elzhi Of Slum Village Interview 1-30-10

By JR on 11:48 AM

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The super lyrical, talented MC of Slum Village sits down with for an interview while on tour. He introduces himself to the newer listeners and speaks on upcoming work, I never knew he was rhyming since the age of 8! I'm happy to see artists like Elzhi and his collaborators Black Milk, T3, Guilty Simpson can thrive independently because of the people across the world who recognize true talent and support meaningful hip hop content.

El speaks of a new project he's got coming called Elmatic where he's rhyming over beats from Illmatic, I can't wait for that one! His drive to keep alot of projects on his plate and continue to work harder to expose his talent is inspiring, hopefully you get inspired too by watching the interview.

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