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Video: DJ Revolution Interviews DJ Mark "The 45 King"
Video: DJ Revolution Interviews DJ Mark "The 45 King"

45 King Part 1 from The Cut on Vimeo.

DJ Mark "The 45 King" is a pioneer raised within the tradition of early Hip Hop DJs of The Bronx. Known for a vast record collection of breaks used as the foundation for producing numerous classics for The Flavor Unit and one of Hip Hop's most famous beats "The 900 Number", Mark has survived the times while leaving a strong influence of traditional boom-bap for generations to come. DJ Revolution shows appreciation for the legacy of The 45 King by recalling the significance of his early work in sampling, loops and breakbeat innovation, to high-profile projects with Eminem and Jay-Z. Long live the DJ and vinyl.

Watch part 2 of their interview here.

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