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Introducing: Corpus Octo - An International Collaborative Mix Project
Introducing: Corpus Octo - An International Collaborative Mix Project

By JR on 10:32 AM

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This one is for the diggers and those who love hearing the cinematic and edgy sounds of international Library-style music of the 70's. Corpus Octo brings you the first in their mix as an internationally connected group of "8 obsessive record collectors, musicians and mix creators". These sounds are sure to keep you interested with a diverse array of experimental and funky sounds lifted straight from the deep vinyl crates of DJ Alfonso (Los Angeles), Anatoly Ice (Moscow), September 70 (Brisbane), Fraserfunk (Manchester), Ebokai (Amsterdam), Dunwich Radio (Malmo), Hackney Marshman (London), and Vinyl Miners (Sao Paulo and Cardiff).

 Listen Above and Download The Mix Here


1. Dialogue from the film “Tragic Ceremony” (Italy, 1972)
2. The Kramford Look – Magic Plastic Home (Extended Edit)
3. Rimond Pauls – Night Birds
4. Nico Fidenco – Come Back! Rhythm
5. Riz Ortolani – Shake In The Disco
6. Mandingo – Black Fire
7. Marc Moulin’s Placebo 7 – Balek
8. Hansson & Karlsson – ‘Triplets’
9. Peter Reno – Silver Thrust
10. F.C. Judd – Maniac Laughter
11. H.Tical – Microchaos
12. Piero Montanari – Frog In Love
13. Gilberto Gil – Volks, Volkswagen Blue
14. Gilberto Gil – Objeto Semi- Identificado (Edit)
15. Signs Of The Zodiac (Mort Garson) – “Numbers, Gems And Colors” (Edit)

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