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IceRocks of DXA - 2012 Interview on The Home Diggin' Show
IceRocks of DXA - 2012 Interview on The Home Diggin' Show

By JR on 7:44 PM

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Queens New York producer/MC IceRocks (of DXA) interviews on a very funky and soulful 2012 episode of the German radio show Home Diggin'. As a student and practitioner of Hip Hop's classic elements, DXA brings gems of music from the US to Europe for the promotion of his 7" vinyl release "I Get Up" b/w "Ice's Jazz". If you're not up on DXA yet, this interview and Ice's 7" project on Blunted Astronaut Records is a good introduction to the addictive Hip Hop sound of the Queens New York crew.

In this interview, get to know Ice in-between a number of funky sounds played on the show, from classic Hip Hop to sampled Funk, Soul, Jazz and the music of Ice's own crew DXA. He is a humble Hip Hop addict from New York who has been dedicated to his craft for years and it shows in the music. A good listen for those who are interested in digging, sampling, the art of Hip Hop and good sounds of music in general.

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