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"Life on Mute" by Brian James
"Life on Mute" by Brian James

By JR on 9:43 AM

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Soul Vintage and Dub Cnn Team up to bring to you the "Life on Mute" Ep By Brian James. The West Coast MC brings a blend of insightful lyrics which provide a balance between strong display of skills and the everyday outlook of an adult. His approach personally reminds me of a West Coast Ed O.G. or Masta Ace in the sense of an MC who is based in expressing thoughts of reality and displaying the art of MCing. Brian James projects a strong sense of individuality and expression about the world around him over soulful, drum-heavy production which varies in mood from song to song as the musical journey called "Life on Mute".

released 06 December 2011 
Production: By Brian James, Chris Reed, Dj Ophax, Hexsagon,Malcolm Harvest. 
Features from Alera Mega Alesha Ashley of SoulVintage, Quiz of Blu Division, Lou Urias, Easy Soul, Art Barz, Pawzone

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