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"Rhodes In Japan" A Compilation of Japanese Jazz Fusion
"Rhodes In Japan" A Compilation of Japanese Jazz Fusion

By JR on 10:00 PM

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SIMON666 of Never Enough Rhodes blog presents a compilation of Japanese Jazz fusion music based on his trip to Japan and recommendations from his friends. If you are unfamiliar with the Japanese  movement of Jazz during the 70's, this is a good resource to become acquainted with a sound of the Far East which is heavily influenced by greats such as Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis. Preview one of the funky fusion songs from this compilation here: "Green Caterpillar" by Masaru Imara

Download - "Rhodes In Japan" A Compilation of Japanese Jazz Fusion by never enough rhodes blog

Here is a quote of SIMON'S thoughts behind creating this compilation below:

"In 2000 I went to Tokyo for the first time, and immediately injured my knee. I hobbled around the city on crutches immersing myself in the amazing range of jazz, funk and soul. It wasn't just the hidden, special 2nd hand vinyl stores that blew me away - even Tower Records had the largest jazz collection I'd ever seen; with racks and racks of Japan-only CD releases of USA albums that could only be found on expensive, scratchy vinyl in their home country. I'd finally found somewhere that had a large population of people who loved the same music as I do, and even today, my DJ partner and some of my closest music buddies at home are Japanese.

However, at the time I knew nothing of Japanese jazz - it's only in the decade since then that my blog brothers have introduced me to Japanese music of the 1970s, music that soaked up electric Miles and electric Herbie in the jazz diaspora, and that even today continues to develop its idiosyncratic permutations through people like DJ Mitsu, Gagle, Sleep Walker and others. There's far too much beautiful music to fit onto one compilation, so expect more."

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